Vacation Is A Must

hikingBeing in a corporate world is very demanding. You see papers and walls everyday. You have to see the news, the economy, etc. You work for promotions, competition, recognition and everything that lies in between. Just the thought of these stuffs will make you feel dizzy. You can’t get up to bed because you will be again facing an exhausting day.

Guess it’s time to have some time with yourself. You are bored and exhausted. You are tired and sick. Why not loosen up? Go to a place where you can enjoy the scenery, the new faces you’ll encounter and the fresh air that you can’t ever feel in an air conditioned room.

What you need is diversion. It will not just favor you but also the company you are working with. It is proven that vacation can lessen stress. It can also serve as a motivation for a person. It is a time to rediscover one’s self. It will result to more creativity and will increase productivity.

There’s a lot of things you can do for a vacation. You can do things that you wanted to do. Things that are not the same as usual days. You can choose from mountain hiking, go for a picnic with family or friend, have some time in a beach or a boat trip.

When I have spare time I usually go for mountain climbing. I love doing it. It will exercise your muscles from a sitting all day activity. You got to see wildlife creatures that you would never experience. I go for a trail with my friends and there we see breathtaking scenery. You’ll just see how beautiful nature is. When you got to see the green and unpolluted environment.

boatingHowever, my favorite activity is a boat trip. I find happiness with the sway of the tides of the seas. I like bathing under the sun. When my skin get tanned I feel renewed, It’s as if I got a new outlook in life. I like swimming. The cold sea water is refreshing. Aside from swimming I also like going to some little islands while in a boat trip. Those are the things you can’t find in the crowded city. You will feel the gift of solitude where in you can think of nothing, empty your mind and feel a new being.

When I come back for work things just go smoothly. It’s as if I am anticipating for a new vacation. I prefer a short time period of vacation scattered all over the year because it is more helpful for me. I can work right with that scheme. The effect of a short time vacation will last for about 5 weeks but a long vacation will last up to 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks, vacation will completely wear off and the vacationer will go back to the usual one (demotivated and stressed). So it is better to have short ones yet many times.

True enough, vacation is a must. As I made this blog I will be featuring my vacation experiences, trips and other way of diversion. Some already happened, while others are still in my mind and I plan of making come true as time goes by. Hope you can be with me as I share my adventures.


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